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详细介绍: 本文摘要:HTC Corp is working on developing smartphone-based virtual reality goggles, as part of its broader efforts to diversify and boost revenues.HTC公司正在致力于研发基于智能手机的虚拟现实眼镜,以此来为公司非常丰富产品种类及提升收益。

HTC Corp is working on developing smartphone-based virtual reality goggles, as part of its broader efforts to diversify and boost revenues.HTC公司正在致力于研发基于智能手机的虚拟现实眼镜,以此来为公司非常丰富产品种类及提升收益。The announcement comes shortly after the company also opened pre-orders for its new $799 HTC Vive VR headsets, which currently only work with personal computers and consoles.在这一消息发布前不久,HTC公司早已打开了售价为799美元的Vive VR头盔的预计,头盔目前不能在个人电脑和操纵台的反对下用于。

Raymond Pao, its associate vice-president of VR new technology, said: We have been working on VR equipment that can work with smartphones and tablets. It is a very important research direction, but we will only release the mobile version when we think it can deliver the best immersive experience to consumers.新型的虚拟现实技术副总裁Raymond Pao回应:“我们仍然致力于研发智能手机和平板电脑所反对的虚拟现实设备。这是研究方向上十分最重要的一步,但是考虑到为消费者获取最佳的切身体验,我们将只公布手机版本。

”Virtual reality equipment allow consumers to experience a 360-degree digital world where they can fight against zombies, ride spaceships and perform other tasks which are impossible or difficult in real life.虚拟现实设备将不会让消费者体验到一个360度的数字世界,消费者用于虚拟世界设备可以对付僵尸,搭乘宇宙飞船以及做到一些其他在现实生活中不有可能或很难已完成的事情。Pao declined to reveal exactly how many Vive headsets had been pre-ordered so far, but said the results were beyond our expectations.Pao 没透漏到目前为止虚拟世界头盔的采购量,但据传效果相比之下远超过预期。HTCs VR product specialist Shen Ye said earlier in a Twitter post the company sold more than 15,000 units in the first 10 minutes, when orders started being taken on Feb 29.之前,HTC公司虚拟世界产品设计专家申烨公布一条推特推文称之为,公司在2月29日开始销售的前十分钟就卖出了15000部。

Alvin Wang Graylin, who is in charge of HTCs VR business in China, said the company is planning to open more than 100 VR experience stores this year.HTC中国虚拟世界产品部门经理Alvin Wang Graylin回应,公司预计今年将开办100多个产品体验店。She Shuanglin, an analyst at Beijing-based Internet consultancy Analysys International, said HTC is betting big that its VR equipment will boost revenues, after the companys core smartphone business was hit by stiffening competition.总部坐落于北京的互联网咨询公司易观国际的分析师佘双琳回应,在HTC公司的核心业务智能手机受到白热化竞争的压制后,其虚拟世界设备将不会使公司东山再起。

HTC is a leader in PC-based VR headsets which chiefly target hardcore gamers and movie fans. The involvement in smartphone-based VR goggles will help it reach more consumers, especially those who are more price-sensitive.“HTC公司在为铁杆游戏迷和电影迷获取的电脑所反对的虚拟世界设备这一方面是行业领先者。生产虚拟现实眼镜将不会为HTC带给更好的用户,特别是在是侧重价格定位的消费人群。